Yoga on the Beach

The south coast’s premier Yoga on the Beach venue.

Fresh clean sea air, open blue skies and natural pure energy. The ultimate yoga experience.


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With the sound of the sea and the birds singing in the background, the open clear blue skies overhead and the fresh clean Atlantic sea air to breath, this is the ideal place to practice your yoga.

Our Hatha fitness yoga sessions focus on practical body flexibility, core strength and balance, rather than the spiritual side of yoga.

You will leave the session feeling tall, loose, warm, relaxed and smiling.

(Sessions are also great for runners and others who need to stretch the body after working out  - If you don’t stretch properly & consistently your performance will suffer, or if you prefer, come to one of our Practical Stretching sessions.

Enjoy the experience of reaching and expanding out, up, into the open sky, and the challenge of balancing on the sand with the sea breeze brushing across the skin. At one with nature and your environment.

Private sessions can be held at location agreed with client.

At present we do not hold regular sessions on the beach, only groups, hen do's, parties and private one-to-one sessions (up to three persons including self). Please contact for further details.

 Hen Party Holistic Packages  

Treat your party to a 1 hour private Yoga on the Beach session, a truely wonderful Holistic experience. You will also recieve a digital photo record of the event to save and enjoy. * 

Sessions take place on the sand with mats provided for the Yoga.

I would recommend an early morning session when the air is fresh, the skies blue, the sun is warm, and the beaches are empty.  (last year we spotted the dolphins in July) You also have the birds singing to a backdrop of gentle lapping waves. Truely wonderful. 7-8am/8-9am is a good time for Yoga whilst watching the sun come up, though some find this a little early depending on what they have been doing the night before. We are flexible on times so you can think about what sort of time you would like. Sunrise in August is approx 05.53am !  :-) and sessions are available from then onwards.

You can find a review of our latest Holistic Hen Party Session on Trip advisor (Yoga on the Beach - Bournemouth).


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