Yoga - in the studio

Wednesdays 7-8pm

Our studio yoga classes take part in the new dance studio at the Bourne Academy, Hadow Road, Bournemouth BH10 5HS. With spung wooden floor (no outdoor shoes to be worn inside) and mirrored wall this is a lovely setting for practicing yoga. Our Hatha fitness yoga sessions focus on practical body flexibility, core strength and balance, rather than the spiritual side of yoga. Mats are provided though you may bring your own if you wish.

Leave the session feeling tall, loose, warm, relaxed & smiling.

The session postures and stretches gradually change over a period of time to offer variety, whilst retaining continuity and allowing you to learn the general sequences and are suitable for beginners through to intermediate.

Great for staying or getting in shape, helping to lose weight, improving posture, flexibility, strengthening the core, combating back pain, and general wellbeing.

All top athletes practice yoga or stretching as do most performers - it is the secret ingredient to health and wellbing.

Sessions are also great for runners/joggers and others who need to stretch the body after working out (If you don’t stretch properly & consistently your performance WILL suffer).

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Exclusive Practical Stretching sessions are aimed at athletes, runners, martial artists & sports people. Giving you a professional practical complete body stretch-out. (Muscles can only work by contraction, and over time this shortens the muscle fibres, holding back progress & hampering performance).

Stretching properly & consistently WILL improve your performance – ask ANY professional.  This is your opportunity improve your flexibility & performance, & to learn how, where and when to stretch. It also gives you a valuable asset you can pass on to your children and friends. With the advantage of the comfort and warmth of the studio along with the bonus of fresh sea air from the open windows and the extraordinary wonderful view out to sea - giving us year-round continuity for good stretching.

When was the last time you stretched properly?

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