Personal Training

For those wanting more – the best way to progress.

As well as classes, we offer the personal touch of one to one training or training with a partner for accelerated learning and progress.


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Individual attention and everything tailored to your own specific requirements.

This is the way forward for those wanting something special, along with the ability to progress at a faster rate.  Allowing you to concentrate on the areas that you personally need to work on without having to follow along with the rest of the class.

Personal Training can be utilised for any of the individual Holistic Body Training or Mov Nat modules or for any combination of modules, and can be developed into areas of personal interest.

We can also take sessions based around the Safe & Sound classes for more mature persons with specific or general help and guidance on a 1 to 1 basis.

Plus the added bonus of training when and where you wish, including the comfort of your own home.



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