The highly popular and rapidly growing fitness method that compliments well the Holistic Body Training Lifestyle

Natural body real-life movement & fitness including running, jumping, climbing, balancing, crawling, lifting, throwing and much more.

Rediscover the excitement & your inner child as you have more fun than you have had in years.

Learn to move through your environment safely, effectively and efficiently.

For all ages and abilities.

Learn with one of the UK's few (and original) Level 2 certified trainers.



NEW  Barefoot Running workshop   Saturday 10 June 2017  10am - 12 noon  Only £29.99 per person

Here's your chance to find out all about and try barefoot running and open up a whole new world of experience

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New!  Saturday 17 June 2017  1-Day MovNat Fundamentals workshop Book Now


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MovNat is a physical education and fitness system based on training the full range of our natural human movement.

MovNat is for everyone – it is progressive & safe.

It supports physical competence & conditioning for any area of life.

We don’t take the gym outdoors – outdoors is our gym.

Mov Nat skills cover 3 areas: Locomotive, Manipulative & Combative


Locomotive: walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing & swimming

Manipulative: lifting, carrying, throwing & catching

Combative: striking & grappling


MovNat fundamental workshops, include the locomotive & manipulative skills (except swimming).

Get fit whilst having fun, learning & practicing practical natural body movements you can use everyday of your life and pass on to your children.

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