The highly popular and rapidly growing fitness method that compliments well the Holistic Body Training Lifestyle

Natural body real-life movement & fitness including running, jumping, climbing, balancing, crawling, lifting, throwing and much more.

Rediscover the excitement & your inner child as you have more fun than you have had in years.

Learn to move through your environment safely, effectively and efficiently.

For all ages and abilities.

Learn with one of the UK's few (and original) Level 2 certified trainers.


New!  Saturday 20 July 2019 

1-Day MovNat Fundamentals workshop Book Now

Early bird price only £99  -  Normal cost  £120

9am - 5pm in Bournemouth - the South coasts premier destination.

Fresh clean sea and forest air rather than the vehicle pollutant soup of a city.

Learn the fundamentals of MovNat - Natural Movement Fitness.

Our 1-day workshop is inclusive and suitable for everyone -  male & female, old & young, health & fitness beginners & experts, amature and professional.

The skills you practice and learn will start you out on your journey to better movement and healthier lifestyle.

They are also cross transferable to any other activities and sports you do and will help improve your general performance all round.

You will learn from the ground up. Safely. To establish solid foundations. So that you can continue to build upon them.

You will learn and practice practical funtional movements. - Stuff you can actually use. (who has ever needed to do 40 squats, or pull ups to accomplish a task in their normal daily lives?)

MovNat covers all the natural movements used by humans since the dawn of time, before they discovered sofas, chairs, televisions and a sedentary lifestyle.

Rediscover your childhood playtime running, jumping, crawling, lifting, carrying, balancing, climbing, throwing, catching. All safely and progressively. You will never be forced to do anything that you do not want to do.

You will have the opportunity to have movements explained & demonstrated before practicing them yourself. 

We understand that everyone has different levels of proficiency at different tasks. The goal is to eventually become proficient over the full range of skills.


You will be training for the full day 9am to 5pm with 45 mins for lunch.

Please arrive 15 mins early, it is not fair to keep everyone else waiting.

Bring your training gear, T shirt, shorts etc. (It is a good idea to also bring an extra layer to slip over if you get a little cool as the fresh sea breeze can sometimes be a little sharp) And dont forget the sunblock cream :-) just in case.

You will be outside - you may get dirty  :-)

Minimalist footwear if you have it.

Snacks, fluids and lunch

Exact location to be confirmed closer to date.

Your Trainer is Frank Markham.

One of the few Original Level 2 MovNat Certified trainers in the UK, certifying back in 2012

He is also the founder of Holistic Body Training.





Click Here to visit the official MovNat site.

MovNat is a physical education and fitness system based on training the full range of our natural human movement.

MovNat is for everyone – it is progressive & safe.

It supports physical competence & conditioning for any area of life.

We don’t take the gym outdoors – outdoors is our gym.

Mov Nat skills cover 3 areas: Locomotive, Manipulative & Combative


Locomotive: walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing & swimming

Manipulative: lifting, carrying, throwing & catching

Combative: striking & grappling


MovNat fundamental workshops, include the locomotive & manipulative skills (except swimming).

Get fit whilst having fun, learning & practicing practical natural body movements you can use everyday of your life and pass on to your children.

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