Personal Self Defence


A specially designed course for the everyday person with theory, and practical applications to enable you to deal with, and overcome, any adverse violent or threatening incident.


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A specifically designed self defence course to enable people of all ages to keep themselves safe. This course has also been tailored to to the requirements of the young adult at school. This course has been successfully delivered throughout a number of schools with positive feedback.


Especially relevant in the current climate with local violent and knife crime unfortunately on the increase along with the ever potential terrorist threat.


The course contains both theory and practice. It covers awareness, prevention, vunerable areas, your body’s natural defences and how to use them to protect yourself and much more. It is also fun, the children love it and it builds confidence.


A refreshingly honest and down to earth program, specially researched and adapted for the normal everyday non violent person. A course where you are not expected to become “a martial arts master in 3 easy lessons” – we deal in reality.


Firstly we will show you what to look out for – how to recognise the trouble signs and potential problems, the habits & rituals of the agressors, and how to avoid or deal with them. How to put up a “fence between you and any aggressor.


We will explain what happens to you and your body (and your attacker) during confrontational situations – the ‘shakes’, freezing up, etc and how to overcome these problems of the ‘adrenal dump’

We will show you how to hit back, what with and where to. For both the ‘tipsy’ relative at the wedding reception through to the violent stranger in the dark alley.

Not just the ‘regulation’ attacker stands in front and throws a front punch, but also the grabs, strangles & chokes and grabbing your hair, as well as attacks and advances from behind, whilst sitting down or getting someone off you from the floor. We also dispel the myths about rape and discuss the reality. We show how to deal with knives and other weapons. And finally we will explain how you really stand in regards to the law


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