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NEW  Barefoot Running workshop   Saturday 14 June  10am - 12 noon  Only £59.99 per person

Here's your chance to find out all about and try barefoot running and open up a whole new world of experience

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The HBT system covers all areas of Health & Fitness (Mind,  Diet & Nutrition,  Flexibility & Balance,  Cardio & Respitory, Muscular Power, Speed & Endurance and Agility & Practical Movement Skills), and trains the body as a whole – The natural, safe & healthy way. No stuffy gyms or restrictive isolation machines, just fresh sea air, our surrounding environment and progressive natural body movement.

Have fun & suddenly realise that you have turned your life around, you have the energy, vitality and mobility of a child, and you are one of the healthiest, fittest people you know. Also, you can prepare to take our ‘Active Body Challenge’


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Holistic Body Training mission statement: To provide the support and guidance to enable people to acheive their true personal potential.


Please note that Holistic Body Training or its employees are NOT RESPONSIBLE in any matter whatsoever for any injury that may result from practicing the techniques described and/or demonstrated herein. Since the physical activities described herin may be to strenuous in nature for some individuals to engage in safely, it is recommended that a medical professional be consulted prior to participation.